Artists & Sportspeople

Contracts management

We can assist you in negotiating the terms and conditions in contracts and in ensuring compliance, as well as in documenting and agreeing on any changes or amendments that may arise during its implementation or execution.

Thanks to our experience in the business, we will help you managing efficiently the creation, the execution and the analysis of your contracts in order to maximize financial, tax and operational performance minimizing the risk.

Image Rights management

The image right is a key topic for Entertainers or a Sportspeople, it has to be protected to prevent or restrict others from using their name, likeness or logos in order to strengthen the image.

Noble-Way can assist you in protecting, structuring and developing your Image Rights in an efficient way to find the best solution to optimize your remuneration but also to ensure these rights are managed properly on an ongoing basis.

Social media marketing

All the social media networks are essential for a good communication.

Noble-Way can assist you with professionals from our network in managing your reputation and brand image on these social media networks. First, in gathering all the available information and then in monetizing your content.

Financial Planning

We can provide you comprehensive planning advice, expertise and services to get a clear picture of your financial future.

According to your needs, we’ll help you to define your key objectives in order to achieve your financial goals : optimizing your wealth, securing your “retirement” and creating additional liquidity for special projects.

Real estate projects

Thanks to our experience in real estate structuring for Private clients, Noble-Way can assist you in structuring and financing the acquisition of a new Real estate project but also managing existing real estate portfolio.

Strategic Relocation

Our team has a wide range of experience in compliant wealth planning advice in multiple jurisdictions.

This includes experience in the use of structuring investment compliant vehicles, asset preservation, estate planning and life insurance solutions.

Insurance and Pension solutions

Insurance is crucial for Artists and Sportspeople ; whether it could be insurance covering personal accident & sickness insurance, Wealth insurance solutions or pension fund, we have, through our network of brokers, the solution to match your needs.